Finding love and connection with another person is an exciting life experience. All relationships go through different stages and sometimes it takes a great deal of work to make a romantic relationship flourish. Couples are often faced with individual and/or mutual life challenges that can lead to frequent arguments or misunderstandings, disrespect, trust issues, breakdowns in communication, or other situations that threaten their intimacy and connection.

Regardless of the current stage of your relationship, whether you are seeking premarital counseling, looking to improve your connection with your partner, worried about infidelity, contemplating separation or divorce, or simply confused or concerned about your current or future partnership, our trained therapists are here to support you.

PCS-G Pre-Marriage/Marriage Therapy and Couples Counselors approach challenges in relationships as patterns or systems, with the goal of identifying and resolving underlying issues and teaching new skills that will strengthen the bond between you and your partner and allow you to function more effectively as a unit.

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