Amy E. Parravano Drummond

Amy E. Parravano Drummond, also known as Amy PD, is the Director of Clinical Services, as well as an actively practicing therapist at PCS-Counseling.

A Master of Social Work graduate from Wayne State University, Amy has been supporting and empowering individuals, families, and communities for over 25 years. Amy admits being regularly humbled while working alongside others to get through the challenging moments in life.

At PCS, we want to be part of your wellness journey. Life is tough! Some days it feels like we have it all together. The next day, everything feels like it’s falling apart. Everything that was in our sights gets changed. This is what I call life on life’s terms!

We will work together in a safe non-judgmental environment that supports and helps you recognize your highest potential. Our entire team is empathetic, compassionate, and honest.

Amy specializes in empowerment-based therapy, narrative, individual, couples and groups. Other specialties include grief and loss, death and dying, addiction and recovery, anxiety, depression, self-worth, mindfulness, negative thinking, LGBTQ issues and any behaviors that interfere with life! I commit to meet you right where you are!

She prioritizes her own personal emotional, spiritual, and physical roots to help sustain her mental health and well-being.  Amy encourages empowering others to speak their truth, speak with intention, and face any barriers that hold them back from living their true authentic self.

Amy and others on the team will challenge and support you to take action steps to make the most of our time together. If you are ready to show-up and suit-up, let’s work together. Remember, you can do hard things!

Amy counts it an honor and privilege to shepherd individuals and families dealing with acute crisis, trauma, death, and dying. Her work is mission-driven and is thankful for her current and past professional experiences.

Regarding our team of professionals with over 650 years of collective tenure: I personally invite you to come experience the difference experience makes.