Our Focus is on People

We have developed a comprehensive model of human performance that can be universally applied and accurately assessed with our proprietary assessment tool, the Behavior Styles Profile© (BSP). The BSP will help you hire the right people, develop and grow individuals, build more effective teams, and improve communication both within your organization and with your customers. PCS’ approach and proprietary methods will equip you to:

  • Understand more clearly how you interact, communicate, and work with others in any situation.
  • Recognize and appreciate the various dimensions of behavior.
  • Identify situations and environments that require different ways to communicate.
  • Apply what you’ve learned for both your personal and professional growth.
  • Transform your organization

We understand people. We understand behavior. We understand interactions.

We have helped countless companies

We have helped countless companies improve interactions at all levels, from family-owned enterprises to multinational Fortune 500 corporations. We have helped them to:

  • Align Corporate Purpose: Individual, Team and Organization
  • Select and Cultivate Top-Performing Executives and Personnel
  • Build Cohesive Teams
  • Provide Professional Training
  • Develop Professional Growth Plans
  • Change Hiring and Selection Processes
  • Develop Succession Plans
  • Provide Executive Coaching and Personal Counseling
  • Deploy Individual and Team Assessments to Measure Improvement

Family Business Specialists

Family-Owned and Family-Run Businesses have unique characteristics and dynamics that must be recognized and addressed. It is estimated that 80% of the world’s businesses consider themselves to be Family Enterprises. We have a team of consultants with experience and expertise in this specialty who understand these dynamics and know how to apply the BSP, the PCS Family Business Inventory, and additional assessment and training tools to focus on complicated Family Business issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know human dynamics and how to target the best use of human capital. We focus on what works best for our client, so we involve you in the design of our engagement. We collaborate with your outside professionals (attorney, CPA, risk manager, etc.) to get the T's crossed and I's dotted for business success, including the smooth transitioning to the next generation of leadership, if applicable. Our goal will always be the continuous improvement of your organization, and that begins with our initial engagement together.

PCS understands Family Business. We are one! We recognize the unique difficulties that Family Dynamics imposes when overlapping with the system of Family/Ownership/Management. We know it's complicated and sometimes messy so we teach methods of healthy conflict. We understand that success of the business is critical, however, equally important is harmony at the family Thanksgiving table.

Each company is different and our engagement will be customized to fit your particular business and situation. We've had clients who have successfully met with us for two or three visits, gained the roadmap of what they needed, and then launched changes internally. That said, we more typically require a few visits to reveal the unique underlying issues that your company Is facing. These deep-seated business and/or family issues, where stakeholders are not in consensus, can be resolved by longer term engagements, where our consultants will facilitate, mediate, and assist your company to instill viable viable solutions. We have the social science tools and experience that allow us to facilitate long-term positive change. Once we have a clear understanding of your current business situation and needs, we will work with you to create a timeline and budget that fits your needs.

Costs vary depending upon the length and frequency of engagement. The investment is typically higher on the initial assessment and/or implementation phase of the engagement, then tend to lessen as our work continues. It is mission-critical that we assess how your business and personnel intersect so that we can facilitate your transition to a more sustainable future. While we respect this mutual investment, the value of a well thought out and executed transition plan far outweighs the short-term concern over costs.

PCS is a family business transitioning between generations, so we understand first-hand the difficulties and intricacies of that process. In addition, years of experience working with other family firms has given us the understanding to develop the tools and skills to effectively facilitate that process. Quite commonly G1 – G2 transitions involve moving the organization from an entrepreneurial style to a more professionally managed style. G2 – G3 shifts are often accompanied by new issues of growth and change, including those associated with the further family diversification (often called the “cousin consortium”), as well as those posed by the continuing growth and evolution of your management and business models. For years, PCS has worked with families in transition, and, frankly, we think this might be what we do best.