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Driving Change for Business Success

PCS Business Consulting Division designs and facilitates prescriptive behavioral change driven by a unique and proprietary assessment and delivery process.

Data is collected through an on-line survey along with confidential interviews with stakeholders. This delivers a comprehensive roadmap or work product that is mutually agreed upon and co-designed with your leadership/ownership team.

From our three dozen real-world training workshops and paired coaching assignments, we are able to match current needs that launch or advance trust and team alignment, allowing for healthy conflict, as we have learned that team members who feel safe to weigh-in will buy-in.

Commitment and accountability follow, leading to performance enhancement and predictable results. This is especially true for management and ownership transformation from one generation to the next.

This process is truly transformational.

Mental Health & Wellness

Our Counseling Division provides comprehensive screenings, behavioral health and career assessments, therapy, groups, and workshops to infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, elder adults, couples, and families.