Maria Kaniszewski

Maria Kaniszewski joins PCS as an Outpatient Clinical Therapist with over 20 years of experience aiding individuals and families to increase the quality of their individual or family functioning.

Maria’s approach as a therapist is to help guide you to achieve your goals and objectives, gain independence, be productive and gain a solid foundation for your life.

Her clientele is varied, working with all ages that may struggle with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relational issues, PTSD, substance Use disorder, anger management, gender identity, self-harm and co-occurring disorder. She welcomes those who are court ordered for anger management and domestic violence counseling. Maria’s overall background and approach may utilize mental health assessments and direct evidence-based psychotherapy.

Maria’s current license in Michigan is as Limited License Psychologist (LLP) and Master’s addiction counselor (MAC) Certificate from National Association of Forensic Counselors (NAFC) from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Maria is passionate about collaborating with an array of community agencies and making appropriate referrals to enhance the life of everyone to meet their needs as needed.