Dr. Nick Phillips

Dr. Nick works with individuals with anger management concerns and supports couples that are looking to improve communication and connection with their partner. He has been helping couples prepare, enrich, and restore their marriage for 30 years.  Dr. Nick’s passion, experience, and expertise has seen hundreds of couples transform into living vibrant, more fulfilling marriages.  He is continually in demand for seminars and conferences, as well as training in the corporate venue on relational leadership.  His experience in corporations, ministry, and military settings provides a well-rounded familiarity with life’s relational challenges.  Dr. Nick provides a welcoming environment where he engages in a collaborative, solution-based approach with his clients. Individuals, couples, and families attain practical tools through experiential sessions that build confidence and achieve greater levels of closeness in their relationships.

  • Dr. Nick serves as a counselor, trainer, and coach. He understands relationship behaviors within teams, departments, and organization structures. He specializes in communication, conflict resolution, anger management, grief, anxiety/depression, transitional adjustments, personal-leadership development, family, and organizational systems.
  • Additionally, he is an adjunct professor in psychology and business. He facilitates various relationship topics, team building projects, and personal-leadership subjects.
  • Previously he served for 30 years as a pastoral care-counselor, a chaplain; in the military, hospital settings, police departments, and minor league professional baseball.  He has been a national credit manager, corporate lender, and fleet transportation manager.
  • Dr. Nick received a bachelor’s degree in physical education and coaching, two Master’s degrees in counseling and chaplaincy, and Doctorate degree in marriage and family systems. Additional certifications: anger management, grief counseling, Behavioral Style Profiles, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, Ideal Team Player, and Find Your Why.