Whether you are a first-time parent, have recently adopted a child, have taken on the caregiving role for a foster child, or have been appointed the legal guardian of your grandchild or other family member, we understand that being a parent or caregiver can be both highly rewarding and a very challenging experience.

If you have concerns that your toddler is having temper tantrums, your child is not listening to you, or your teen is argumentative, not feeling understood, or possibly headed down a wrong path, then we are here to help. PCS therapists that are trained in infant and child development, parent management training, and family therapy will help you stay connected to your child during all stages of life.  

We recognize that you are the expert on raising your child.  Our therapists walk alongside you in a caring and nonjudgmental way as you learn how to better understand your child, teach your child how to express their feelings and needs, enhance your parenting skills, improve your child’s behaviors, and strengthen your family relationships.

Meet our Therapists Who Can Help:

Family & Parenting