Changes in hormones, pressure to perform in school, and social acceptance are common in adolescent development, which can interfere with many aspects of a teen’s life and lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.  

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish typical teen-age behavior and normal adolescent development from changes in mood and behavior that warrant professional attention. If your adolescent is experiencing any of the following symptoms or behaviors, then he/she/they would benefit from seeing one of our trained therapists:

  • Changes in mood (i.e. sadness, anxiety, irritability, anger
  • Withdrawal from family, friends, or activities
  • Talking about death or wanting to die
  • Self-harm 
  • Changes in appetite, sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or increased sleep
  • Identity concerns/LGBTQ+
  • Drug/Alcohol use or risk behaviors

Meet our Therapists Who Can Help: