Kaan Aksu

Kaan is a Transformational Coach with over a decade of experience in coaching individuals and organizations. He is specialized at creating awareness in the areas of Work-Life Balance, Empowerment, Defining Purpose and Passion, Stress Management, Self-Care, Resilience and Authenticity.

During his meetings, Kaan focuses on Emotional Intelligence in these four pillars: Self Awareness, Self-Management, Situational Awareness and Relationship Management. Excelling in these areas create the ability to apply different perspectives to different situations in a mindful way and gain sustainable growth in the long term.

Kaan has 20 years of successful corporate career, including senior leadership roles at Global Leading multibillion-dollar companies. His corporate background was mainly in Sales and Business Development roles for major customer accounts. He interfaced with customers and collaborated with teams from all around the world, which required very diverse and agile approaches to adopt with different cultures to achieve his goals.

Kaan is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF) and he is a Board Member of ICF Michigan Chapter. He has Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He fluently speaks English, Turkish and Japanese, while he can speak Spanish, French and German at different levels. He is also a published author at International Coaching Magazine, CHOICE.