Chris Freeman

  • Four Streams Certified, ACC credentialed life coach: emphasis in understanding how worldview, positive psychology, and neuroscience inform the transformation process.
  • Academic background in Philosophy & Religion that supports the exploration of how background assumptions influence growth potential and limitations.
  • Helping leaders explore, understand, and leverage the intersection of personal growth and leadership priorities to maximize their capacity to influence positive change.
  • 15+ years in various director roles leading arts, production, & volunteer development.
  • An ongoing, successful track record of creating and managing systems & teams in a manner that prioritizes a meaningful balance of emotional health, creative pursuits, and strategic results.
  • Regularly facilitating rewarding coaching spaces for individuals to explore their purpose.
  • Passionate about offering coaching support for personal, spiritual and/or leadership transitions.
  • Chris has a unique emphasis on the value of deeply exploring personal growth and its impact on leadership style & vibrancy and continues to be a refreshing option within the coaching world.