Marriage Workshops -“Fully Us”

If you are looking to restore your love and build a stronger connection with your partner, join Dr. Nick Phillips, D.Min. M.Div. M.A. LLPC, an expert with over 30 years’ experience in relationships and couples counseling, in a “Fully Us” workshop series. When you attend one of Dr. Nick’s workshops, you will feel normalized, understood, encouraged, and empowered, and you will develop practical relationship skills that will strengthen your marriage.

“Fully Us” Topics:

  • Friendship: The Marriage Enrichment
  • Communication: The Circulatory System of Marriage
  • Bullseye Love: Hitting the Mark in Loving Your Partner
  • Family Past: Silent Influences on Your Marriage
  • Solution Solvers: Regulating Conflict in Marriage
  • Cherishing: Raising Your Marriage Partner
  • Differences: Recipe for Dynamic Marriage

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