Rick Guttersohn

For years, Rick Guttersohn’s personal mission has been to bring hope to those who are hurting. He has extensive experience guiding people through grief and loss, by providing individual support, facilitating support groups, developing bereavement programs, and speaking at numerous seminars, trainings, and events throughout Southeastern Michigan. 

Rick provides a safe and supportive therapeutic environment to help his clients share and express painful thoughts and emotions associated with their loss.  His clients learn tools and techniques to work through complicating factors that may intensify or prolong grief. Rick empowers his clients to identify key strengths that build resiliency and lay the foundation for their long-term healing, growth, and life transformation.

Rick’s down-to-earth and relatable approach is a result of his own personal journey of healing, growth, and transformation that he aspires to guide others on.  Other specialties include shame and low self-esteem, navigating difficult life transitions, and overcoming career and educational obstacles.