Christie Spudowski

Christie Spudowski is a clinical social worker with a passion for working with children and families. She specializes in helping parents and caregivers feel more fulfilled in their role by offering a safe space for them to freely express their struggles. Christie is passionate about strengthening parent-child relationships to reduce feelings of parental depression and/or anxiety, address a child’s behavioral challenges, and increase the overall amount of joy that parents and children experience together. Christie recognizes that becoming a parent can bring up many feelings about past experiences or trauma, so she offers a therapeutic environment for parents to address those concerns during pregnancy or while parenting.

Christie is also an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist that enjoys working with queer and transgender parents and/or supporting families working to understand and embrace their queer and/or transgender child or adolescent.

Christie studied Child Development at Central Michigan University and in 2021 completed the Infant Mental Health/Master of Social Work Dual-Title Program at Wayne State University. Christie also founded Live Light Birth & Family, a collective of birthworkers, where she has offered her expertise and support as a birth doula and childbirth educator.