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Learning how to navigate the phone effectively is a combination of art and science.  It’s the difference between setting an appointment or losing a potential customer.  Knowing how to react and manage the call gets you a successful outcome. TalkPro© was formerly “When Talk Ain’t Cheap”. The in-house workshops are intensive, two day training seminars that can take you from a rookie to a pro, turning you into an ace with incoming customer calls. Each training seminar involves four comprehensive sections focused on telephone skills for sales personnel, phone handlers, and B.I.C. (Best In Class) Internet processes to maximize the value of dealership leads management.

Course Topics

Emphasis is concentrated on setting appointments to increase in-store opportunities from in-bound calls, various out-bound calls and internet leads.

Interactive Learning

Answers to real-world questions, avoiding and handling objections, as well as offering practical exercises to reinforce the lessons complete this exciting experience.


We recommend completing the four Modules in sequence. The foundation and fundamental phone skills of all four modules is Module-One, which should be completed first by all call handlers answering inbound sales calls.

TalkPro training workshops consists of these 4 modules:

  • TalkPro© Module-One focuses on In-Bound sales and/or Service calls
  • TalkPro© Module-Two teaches how to reduce/eliminate objections while role-playing techniques to overcome them
  • TalkPro© Module-Three demonstrates the 10-Step process for making successful Out-Bound calls
  • TalkPro© Module-Four teaches needed skills for Internet Phone calls, in conjunction with award- winning templates and contact schedules

Why Chose TalkPro

  The invaluable knowledge and skills you gain with our unique training will help you set your own bar higher for success in the future.

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