Coaching is Essential to Success

As a sales manager, one of your jobs is to coach your staff and help your people improve and grow on the job. PCS-Global will help you do that.

Performance Management Solution

CallCoach® is our dynamic performance management solution that helps you maximize your team’s response to every incoming phone call and convert those prospects into dealership visitors.

Phone Call Confidence

We help your staff build the know-how and confidence to navigate every call, obtain important prospect information, and set the appointment.

Handling Difficult Situations

We’ll even teach you how to handle the difficult ones, to end up with happy, satisfied customers…and successful employees.

Evaluation Process

Their evaluation reinforces what your call handlers are doing well, and identifies what they need to do differently.

CallCoach® Coaches Will Help Ensure:

• Inbound calls are answered professionally
• Prospects are properly qualified and invited to the dealership
• Call handlers’ responses to every phone call is maximized
• Converts phone prospects into showroom visitors more likely to buy
• Virtually teaches call handlers the time-tested, research-driven 7+ skills
• Individually reinforces “what to say” and “how to say it” on their actual customer calls
• Emphasizes what each call hander did well and what they need to do differently next time
• Builds confidence to navigate every call, obtain important prospect information and set appointments that show
• A preferred phone script or Roadmap is followed, measured, tracked and trended

call coach integrations

CallCoach® integrates with CallCapture, our cost effective call recording product as well as with TelePulse, our call transcription product to provide you a fully integrated program that helps your staff do their best.

Call us at 888-481-8771 or email us at and learn how CallCoach® will increase your appointment set ratios over time! We will be happy to show you how CallCoach® and PCS-Global will make a difference in your dealership.