Calls placed to each number are tracked, including date and time, as well as information on who placed the call.

Capture Every lead & Evaluate Worth

CallCapture© is our easy-to-use online call reporting tool that tracks and records your inbound calls and saves them to a designated website for analysis and evaluation. It’s the tool you need to track quality assurance and identify opportunities for improvement. CallCapture© provides your dealership with toll free and local numbers to place in various advertising sources to assess advertising reach and track ad effectiveness.

Clients have a personalized dashboard with secure log in and password to access any time, 24 hours a day, to view the status of recorded phone calls. 

Phone Call Confidence

We help your staff build the know-how and confidence to navigate every call, obtain important prospect information, and set the appointment.

Handling Difficult Situations

We’ll even teach you how to handle the difficult ones, to end up with happy, satisfied customers…and successful employees.

Evaluation Process

Their evaluation reinforces what your call handlers are doing well, and identifies what they need to do differently.

Track and record your in-bound phone calls.

• CallCapture’s web-based system allows you to access your calls from anywhere, anytime

• Every lead is captured and is available for evaluation

• Analyze call traffic to identify your most productive advertising campaigns and ad sources

• Record customer calls for quality assurance and identifying opportunities for improvement

callCapture integrations

CallCapture integrates with CallCoach® our dynamic performance management solution as well as with TelePulse, our call transcription product to provide you a fully integrated program that helps your staff do their best.

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