COST: $150

The BSP Assessment Includes:

  • Digital Assessment Results
  • Up to a 30-minute Coaching Phone Call
  • Access to BSP Digital Training Videos
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The Behavioral Styles Profile (BSP) is truly a unique assessment, setting itself apart from other profiles in the industry in several ways.

First, this is a behavioral energy assessment, not a personality profile. This means that we do not box people in with one label, but rather explore different facets of themselves and their behavior and how those show up and impact their lives.

Second, the BSP highlights the different situations and environments that bring-out different behaviors and parts of ourselves by measuring how people perform differently at home and work, as well as how they differ on a typical day and in stressful situations.

Third, the BSP’s most innovative feature, its “X-Factor” is measuring an individual’s level of awareness and self-worth. This is truly revolutionary!   

A person’s ability to access this element impacts the positive or negative aspects of each different behavior style. 

All these factors taken together make the Behavior Styles Profile a truly amazing and innovative approach to helping a person to visually and deeply understand themselves and others in a whole new way!

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