BSP Red Description

The Behavioral Style represented by the color RED is controller! RED Style State of Mind tends to be ambitious, assertive,  and competitive – looking for ways to win – sometimes at other’s expense: I win and you lose [I+ U-].

Our RED Style is characterized by authority, fast thinking, confidence, multi-tasking. It’s the part of us wanting  to be in control, sometimes seeking power, often times impatient and even at times, agitated and accusatory.

GOOD DAY Energy:  RED Style is assertive, results-oriented, self-assured and generally a chosen or emergent leader.  As we remain in a BLUE State of Mind and the higher our RED back-up Style (see below Key: Behavioral Styles Tables), the more likely we are to get things done with positive problem solving skills.

BAD DAY Energy: When in distress , the higher the RED Style score, the more you are prone to feel tension and display aggression, perhaps pointing a finger or clenching a fist, raising our voice, furrowing eyebrows, and finding fault.  If your GREEN Style is your back-up to BLUE, you may feel the energy, but may “swallow” it rather than express it.

As the levels of stress and pressure increase, the RED Style moves from assertive (effective) through aggressive (non-effective) to coercive (ineffective).