Talk Ain’t Cheap: The ROI of Analyzing Call Data

Many companies use Call Tracking and Recording services to measure advertising response, capture caller information and monitor sales performance. While tracking technology provides useful business intelligence, call tracking data is rarely analyzed and severely underutilized in most enterprises. Companies simply do not receive return on their tracking investment because they do not consistently review their call reports and recordings or fully leverage that information. If carefully interpreted, this intelligence (which they are paying to collect) will reveal strategies for adjusting sales and marketing processes to attract more customers, set more appointments and sell more products.

Team Building, Part Two – How Teams Work?

Research suggests that there are numerous combinations of communication and behavior styles represented in the world’s population. As a result, most of us believe that the same values that motivate us are effective with others. However, what may be rewarding for one person may have little relevance to their coworkers. For a successful team approach, it is essential that all team members understand each other’s psychological needs.

Team Building, Part One – What Makes a Team?

Some people believe individual accomplishments are the pinnacle of human achievement. However, few actually accomplish anything alone – everything we do well depends upon cooperation and collaboration with others. Problems in fostering a team approach can arise due to individual concerns, differing styles, work habits and personal needs.

Call Tracking: Gaining Return on Investment

Dealers simply do not receive return on their investment in such data because they fail to consistently review call reports and recordings, nor do they fully leverage the information they’re paying to collect. If carefully interpreted, this intelligence will reveal ways for dealers to adjust their sales and marketing processes in order to attract more customers, set more appointments, and sell more vehicles.

The Missing Element: Communication Styles

Automotive dealers, like other business people, must look closely at their expertise in communications. And while specific sales techniques may work for some, it is certainly not going to remedy all that ails a struggling business enterprise. One can no longer assume that because they are competent and fill a consumer need that they will survive, much less prosper, in the car business. The highly competitive business of car sales is currently faced with unparalleled challenges.

How to Develop Winning Relationships With Virtually Any Customer

Wouldn’t you like to take the guessing out of the personal interaction and provide your customers with the car buying experience they desire? Further, if you consider your employees as customers of management, then these same personality and communication principles apply to all of you employees as well. Therefore, to end up focusing on your buying customers, a good place to start is with your “employee customers.”

Calling For Sales By Overcoming Telephone Objections

With today’s focus on technology, we have overlooked one of the most valuable tools available in every company across the globe – the telephone! Over 85% of all automobile sales are initiated with a phone call. Further, 80% of callers purchase a vehicle within 3 to 5 days of calling, while 90% buy within 10 days. This means today’s caller is four times more qualified a buyer than the standard showroom-up. Therefore, focusing on overcoming customer objections on the telephone and setting appointments is absolutely fundamental to thriving in today’s dealership environment.

Preparing For The Future Through Your Employees

The future belongs to those dealerships that know & understand that in order to retain their customers, they must learn how to retain their employees. Although one of the most expensive, your employees can become one of your most valuable assets. By building your organization around your employees you will have a greater chance of building your customer base and resulting profit stream.