About PCS-Global

Founded in 1977 by Dr. John Mlinarcik as a counseling, coaching and personal development firm, PCS-Global and its suite of products have touched over 250,000 lives.

We aren’t kidding when we say we know people. Our 40 years of being in the counseling and psychotherapy arena are what makes us different than the rest.   We understand what makes people tick, and what ticks them off.  This professional experience combined with our scientific assessments are a powerful one-two punch that brings the results our clients are looking for whether that is Executive Coaching, Next-Generation Leadership & Success-ion Planning, Team Building, or Personal Selection, anything to do about Human Engineering.


Executive Coaching – Looking at human performance from various aspects to move each client to achieve top performance!

Next-Generation Leadership, Success-ion Planning Working to equip the Next Generation with the tools needed to lead from the front, as well as working with the older generation of family-owned businesses on a healthy, productive and financially secure exit plan.

Personnel Selection – Your best employee just quit, now what?  Your company has grown, how do you select new staff that will “fit” the team culture?  Our goal and focus are to consistently provide you with reliable performance ANSWERS… not pages of disconnected data points for you to decipher.  We will also provide you with specific interviewing questions based on their strengths and growth areas that will assist and guide you through the hiring process.  We look at more than skills needed for the position, does this applicant fit your company’s culture?  When the answer is yes to both, skill and culture, then you have an employee that will perform, thrive, and stay on your team. 

Team Building – Be it a Sales, Marketing, Service or Management Team, great communication, and team cohesiveness is key and can be difficult to achieve.  We assess each team member, look at the and personalize this training as it isn’t a one size fits all.   The outcome is tremendous team understanding and growth.

Executive Tools  We have a suite of integrated tools – capable of being used individually or collectively. They are helping major corporations in Selection and Development (like Toyota USA) with large utilization – to smaller businesses seeking the best match for C-suite and management positions; sales; customer service and the like.  We uniquely measure internal motivators; along with critical thinking/decision making. We then evaluate the predictable manner in which the individual will demonstrate such, in typical and stressful situations – along with isolating their best course for professional development.


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